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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Current Events: Delta and Northwest Airlines file for bankruptcy

There should be no surprise here that two major U.S. airlines have filed for bankruptcy protection. Why did this happen? Because of fuel costs! The entire airline industry has been hit hard by the soaring fuel costs.

The cost of fuel has affected all methods of transportation leading to the cost of many consumer products to increase. This will take a huge toll on how we will live our lives from this point on. Somehow we have to come up with more money. I can see the future of real estate being affected. People will not be able to afford the high costs of homes. More people will buy already built homes as the cost for building homes will increase. This will be due to the high costs of retrieving lumber.

Anyone could write a million words on this topic as the consequences of rising fuel prices are immense. Delta and Northwest Airlines filing for bankruptcy is just the beginning of the long line of businesses that are following close behind.


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