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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Students - University vs. Starting a Business early

Which path should students take when graduating from High School? Should they go directly to University, or start a business asap?

Career Path #1: Most parents would say that education is a must. Go to University and get the skill set & knowledge necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Then take the time to start your own business. You'll still be young upon receiving your degree AND you'll have the degree to back you up if your business fails.

Career Path #2: Don't waste the four years of going to University and building a huge debt. Debt will put you at a disadvantage in getting support for a business idea. You have all kinds of energy while you're young, so don't waste it! You'll probably learn more about the business world from hands on experience rather than from a textbook. Build the confidence, follow your instincts, and become "The Man"!


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